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[Tachikawa-High APP] - Knights,Akari by Diawulf [Tachikawa-High APP] - Knights,Akari by Diawulf
Oh,hey look who has been influenced by Shoujo-mangas! Totally not me, huh. Soooo...for once,I decided to use the Ink Pen in SAI, since a friend was nagging me to not use the Pen Tool for lines anymore. There. There you go.

*AHEM* Anyway, I was looking around again and found a nice looking group: :icontachikawa-high: and...I noticed that I haven't drawn girls for ages, so....yeah...I decided to apply for the group. With a female oc. owo I still think that girls are more difficult to draw then boys. Yeeah....what is anatomy again and what is drawing again?owo;;

Hope you like this silly girl of mine...:iconpapmingplz:

EDIT: So, I just added another point in her personality and that would be "Passionate".


Name: Knights, Akari
Nickname: "Ri-neechan" = was given by her little brother Dylan, since he couldn't pronounce her name properly in Japanese.

Gender: female
Sexuality: confused//shot Pansexual
Age: 16
Grade: 1st year

Dormitory: Sakuramachi
Club: Music

Likes: MCR|Panic! At the Disco | playing drums | street dancing| rasberry chewing gum | video games | talking
Dislikes: Studying | awkward silence | waking up early | bitter chocolate | overly dramatic people | failing a level in a game


Outgoing and cheerful: Akari has become a really outgoing and cheerful girl, ever since her brother was born. She loves to talk and to meet new people, even though she may firstly not appear so. She prefers to cheer people up, instead of being the one cheered up.

Cunning: Akari hates to study for tests, so she has to look for another way to avoid test, right? She's really cunning and can be really clever then, trying to convince the teachers to not write the test or to at least write them on another day.

Silly and sometimes stupid: Not stupid as in intelligence, but more in behaviour. Akari loves to be silly and loud. And she also loves to do stupid things and stuff. She sometimes is so "stupid" that you have to just facepalm and sigh and she just laughs it off then.

Nervous and Unpredictable: When Akari has to get serious, she becomes nervous and timid. She doesn't like it at all and wants to plainly joke around. She can also get rather emotional then and just rudely leave you alone, just so that she doesn't have to talk about the sensitive topic. Or she can also be honest and talk about her true feelings. It depends from your relationship to her.

Shy and easily embarrassed: She actually doesn't have much experience with romance and love, so she easily blushes and gets nervous when talking about it. She especially doesn't like to talk about her own love life and immediately tries to change the topic.

Emotional and moody: When you talk only about your love life or when you obviously act in front of her and make a drama out of everything, she doesn't shy away to suddenly yell at you to shut up. She wouldn't even shy away to punch you, if you continue. Akari is a really emotional and can sometimes appear due to that as two faced. She can appear really mean and aggressive at one time and another time, she can be really sweet and nice. 

Distant and lazy: She doesn't like to talk about her feelings and doesn't open up that easily.Akari then closes the window to her heart and becomes more distant and unpredictable. She is also a lazy girl and might even use her laziness as an excuse to avoid talking about that.

Passionate: Once she gets her drumsticks or listens to loud music, she really gets into the beat and trembles all over her body because of her excitement. Often she moves her feet to the rhymn or she simply wants to play the drums really really badly.


-Kindergarten / Pre-school-

Akari grew up in Britain and lived in the middle-class. In Kindergarten she was not so loud and actually really reserved and shy girl. However, at that time she had two best friends and had a happy time there. She still has contact with them per internet.

-Elementary school-

Again, she didn't make many friends and was really hard to approach. Most of the days, she spent playing video games or reading foreign books, which her father always bought for her. At that time, her talent at learning languages was discovered by her parents and they encouraged her to learn other languages. However, Akari was too lazy and only stuck to three languages: German, English and Japanese.

-Middle school / Junior High-

During her middle school time, her little brother Dylan was born and that was a turning point for Akari. She wanted to become great older sister, so she tried to change herself. She spent less time home and was more outgoing than before. Even though, she was still awkward around boys, she still talked a lot and enjoyed her new self more. However, due to her father's job, they had to move to Japan and leave everything behind. It was a sad goodbye for her, but she wasn't discouraged. During this time, she also discovered her passion for music and became a fan of MCR and Panic! At the Disco. Those two bands also changed her and gave her more confidence and kind of moved her to dance and to play the drums.

-Summer before Tachikawa-High:

Her parents applied her for Tachikawa-High and she was actually studying a lot during the summer, because she didn't had much confidence in her Japanese anymore. Even though, she was sad that she also was going to move to the school dormitories, she was really excited to meet new people and to have a fun school time.

Additional Information:

- She's an overprotective older sister and loves her brother with all her might. Even her brother Dylan sometimes thinks it's really annoying.
- Once she hurt her brother's feelings by accidently throwing the cookie he made for her against the wall because it was too hot for her to hold it in her hands. (He has forgiven her afterwards, though...haha.)
- She tends to hide her face with her hands, when she's really embarrassed.
- She als tends to play video games until late evening or even until next morning.
- Sometimes hums to her favourite songs.
- Once you get her to go outside to town with you, she's suddenly more...submissive and shy. Especially when you even convince her to wear her usual clothes and not her school uniform.


"Why does school have to start soo early?"
"Uhhh....nope. Too lazy to talk about that."
"L-let's talk about s-something else except l-love."
"Aw, c'mon! Don't cry, please. Make a big smile like me!" *really weird and funny smile*


TBA. ;v; (If someone wants to rp with me,though, then just send me a note or comment below.xD)
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Komoe-Kanna-chama Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah cool character, she's very cute ^^
Yay she's from the UK, which part? London..?

Wanna rp with me sometime? I'm curious to see how she gets a long with my character; Yoshito~
Diawulf Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you~
Hmm...Well, I was thinking of Greenwich, but...oh well. I didn't think that it was that important from where exactly..haha...owo;;

Sure, why not?xD Notes or comments? They'll surely get along fine!!...somehow...maybe...dunno...
Komoe-Kanna-chama Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome~

Ah lol Greenwich really~? That's cool ^^
Yeah I guess =v=

Ah really? Yay, this is him- Sawashima Yoshito, I think they would get along; she's sisterly right? He lost his younger sister..they might find common grounds.. ? Yoshito is fairly easy to get along with though..
Diawulf Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeeah. xD

Hm~ Interesting character. And yeah, she's really sisterly and even really annoys her brother sometimes. Not sure, if Yoshito will like a loud and silly girl as Akari, though. But they'll get along somehow, since she is also really easy to get along with, if he got the nerves for her.xD
Komoe-Kanna-chama Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Thanks ^^' I see, I'd like to see how they would get along... I'm still technically a member of TH but I asked them if I could RP with members awhile back and they said yes...
Sounds good ^^ I believe they could get along
Diawulf Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hm~ alright, good to know. owo
We'll soon as we start rping.xD I'll send you a note, as soon as I can.~
Komoe-Kanna-chama Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok ^^

Great, no rush though ^^ when it suits~
SummerSalmon Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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